January 6th, 2013

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Rude service - Trader Joe's

My mom and I adore Trader Joe's, and we'd managed to get to the closest one to us yesterday. We always share a cart. It's a pretty small store, and pretty packed any time we go in there, same case that day.

So, we get our items (neither of us over 11, though we each had a few large looking bags that made the cart look fuller than it was) and go to the Express Lane, as we're going to make separate purchases.

Until the express cashier looks up with the nastiest look, at our cart and us and sneers "THIS is an EXPRESS LANE ONLY."My mom looks at him and goes "Oh, we have two orders-" NOPE. He sneered at us again and shook his head!

We went to another line, me too shocked and my mom too mad to deal with him, and told that cashier about the rude cashier, and mom plans to call them.

I get they've probably had others try to 'sneak' more items into their line, but the amount of scorn and attitude was not needed. At all.

Especially after mom explained we had TWO orders (and once you took the two bags of popcorn she had out of her part of the cart, there were only 4 items under it.)

We even counted when we got out to the car! Each of us had under 11 items. 

It was really WTF.

Edited to make sure the item limit was the correct one through the post. Sorry guys, this is what I get for posting while sleepy!
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