January 5th, 2013

ff-fran booty

Relatively minor suck...

...but it just came at the wrong time for me. My grandfather passed away last night and as such, my friend and boyfriend were trying to comfort me. My friend was insistent that I eat something and I was okay with that, being as I was just kind of numb.

I should start with earlier in the evening. My boyfriend and I left the hospital and drove the 10-15 minutes to get back in the area of home and had stopped at Shari's to have breakfast for dinner. We had sat down, opened our menus, and I checked my phone to make sure it was turned up in case my mother or grandmother called. My mother was calling right then to tell us to come back. My boyfriend found the waiter quickly to tell him we had to leave for a family emergency (we didn't just want him coming back to our table after we left thinking he was being bad). This waiter was great and said just to leave the stuff there and that they're open 24 hours.

A couple of hours later we were back with my friend in tow. I've never had bad service or even slow service at this particular Shari's, even when they're busy.

We got seated and normally the waiter would immediately or very shortly after come over and ask about drinks. We waited what felt like a long time, even to the point where I asked if they were going to come over. Finally they did, and while by this point it was obvious we were ready to order, she took the drink orders. She brought these quickly and then took our orders.

Then we sat and waited for what seemed like a long time again. Now, part of this may have been the kitchen being busy, but I just felt like she forgot about us until she happened to walk by to another table. She did leave a pitcher of Dr. Pepper with us at that point.

Our meals finally came and all was good with them. Once done though, it seemed like once again we had to wait awhile for the check. I had to finally mention that I needed my medications (I'm asthmatic and while my inhaler would help, I needed the better ones at home), so my boyfriend and friend looked around for our waitress. It ended up being another waiter that came and helped us get them and took our plates away. As we were walking up to pay, the waitress rushed up to us with and "Oh good, they helped you!" and rang us out, so I wasn't able to really complain about feeling forgotten.

The thing is, the restaurant wasn't that busy for a Friday night. I've seen this particular Shari's busier. I also generally don't have a problem with the waitstaff having watched my mother do this job. It's tough, I know that, and I may have been a little on edge last with everything that had happened, but it just seemed like the waitress had forgotten about us.
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did I just read that right?

I am not sure what to make my next response in this conversation

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I am not sure how to respond to their last tweet. they basically said 'sorry for setting reasonable expectation for you, we are too incompetent for that so you will just have to wait a frustratingly long time for us to make up more excuses for our poor service'. I translated that right, right?