Dave (alphawox) wrote in bad_service,

2 for 2. I should have stayed home today.

First stop: AT&T store. I wanted a bluetooth headset for my iPhone. Not for making calls, but I wanted it to listen to radio station apps and my OTR programs when I'm in stores trying to ignore the stupidity surrounding me.

So, the headsets are right by the front door. I go in and start looking. None of them are at all comfortable, and I'm thinking that someone there might just be able to help me. I'm familiar with the technology, but I don't know if the headset will work with apps (if not, I don't want one... this is critical). I looked online and didn't find the answer.

About five minutes after screwing around with the infernal things, someone comes over, an assistant manager by his nametag, and I ask what I thought was a simple question: will these headsets relay audio from apps, I listen to radio stations on my phone, and from the iPod function?

The answer took about 90 seconds. He said "Bluetooth 2.1" at least five times and rambled on about stereo versus mono. I work in radio, I'm fairly familiar with audio modes. Finally, he said Apple "disabled that functionality" (yes, a direct quote) and concluded that it would not work. A simple "no, it won't" would have been sufficient.

I said "okay, thanks" and turned to leave. He put his hand on my arm (something that does freak me out) and attempted for two more minutes to sell me a headset by telling me all about the safety aspects and various other things, all the while throwing in technojargon and trying to impress me. Finally, I tell him I'm not interested, that I think people who use the damned things are obnoxious and that I'd never carry on a conversation with it, that I just wanted it for the listening part. I found the earbuds to be a little difficult to deal with.

Second stop: Wal-Mart. I walk into the store and grab a buggy at the front (I'm getting 10 items or so, but it was a bit much to try to carry around by hand). The greeter tells me as I walk in with an empty cart and empty hands "RETURNS ARE TO THE LEFT!" I nod and walk on by, not needing that particular service. I got about 10 feet by the little stand when I hear "SIR, TO THE LEFT!". I turned around and got a little customers_sucky with the person, telling her there was no reason to yell at me. I bypassed her because I had no reason to talk to her.

Then I came home. Where I should have stayed before this shopping day started.
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