Tasha (rockstr009) wrote in bad_service,

2 sucks

normally, I post in customers_suck but yesterday must have been the day for service sucks.

First, I went to Best Buy because they have the game Spore on sale, and I wanted to spend a $25 gift card given to me at Christmas. after searching for it for about 10 minutes, we asked a lady working over in games. she vaguely pointed over to the computer section saying "it should be out". ok, so we look for another 5 minutes. then, i go and ask one of the guys working in the computer section who brings me to this. i had already seen this, and understood it had 2 books in it. and i told him this. he INSISTED that no, it had the game, too, and flipped the package over to show me it said "one game, two species of books". so figuring he knew what he was talking about, we went to checkout where it rang up as $34.99. the sale price on the game had been advertised as $39.99, regularly $49.99. i knew it didn't seem right, so when we got to the car, opened it and yep, 2 books. i didn't want to go back in and deal with the crowds, so i ended up getting the game at target.

Second, we have a chain of local coffeehouses where I live. there are a few spread around the east coast, but it originated here. anyway, my boyfriend and i went to have some tea. so i order "two primo (large) breakfast blends", looking directly at the tea bags in front of me. unbeknown to me, they have breakfast blend coffee. whatever, i should have made myself more clear and been paying better attention. once we sit down, i realize it's coffee. boyfriend decides to just drink his, but i don't want coffee, i can't have too much caffeine or my heart will freak out. so i take it back and explain the mistake, then ask for a large breakfast blend tea instead. so he takes the coffee back, gives me the tea, then charges me for it. so i paid for a large coffee and a large tea, having only consumed one. wtf.

ETA: Just to clarify, i have "moved the fuck on with my life", i just assumed that this was somewhere where you could rant about what you perceived to be bad service. whether you agree with me or not doesn't really matter. i thought both were bad service, so i came to bitch about it. move on with MY life? move on with yours (those who continue to argue).
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