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Summer 2007, my mother and I bought a swanky new [for us] town house, and we were going to move in once I finished my exams. Bell told us, since we pushed our moving date back so it would be easier for me during this time that they would move our phone line/internet over a few days beforehand. Sure that's fine, we mostly get telemarketer calls on the home phone, and I usually turn off the internets during study time to keep myself from getting distracted.

So, moving day. Mother gets stressed over new situations, so I went to go play video games and eat candy with my brother all day to stay out of everyones way. They started packing the car around 7, when I left. We weren't moving very far, 3 blocks away, so around 4, when I hadn't heard from my mother, I started to worry, so I called her cell phone and she started crying her eyes out.

Apparently, after I left, the main mover [the man in charge, drives the truck, knows how to pack everything] came into the house, looked around, and said that there wasn't enough space in the truck for our stuff, so he would go back to the next town where the company was and takeout a new truck. It's not very far, 30 minute drive there and back, and since it was Tuesday [or Wednesday. One of them], there wouldn't be much traffic. They all sat around from 7-ish until 12, when they were all finally like "Whaat?" when he never came back.
So, they called the company, and apparently the guy decided to quit. No one bothered to tell the kids who were on his crew [who couldn't be much older then me, I'd put the oldest at 21, and the youngest goes to my brother's school], and to apologize, they sent more young kids over who didn't really know what they were doing. None of them had a truckers license, and none of them could drive stick. So what would have been a 2 minute drive turned into 2 hours, and when they go to our place, they had no idea what they what they were doing. Our antique table was broken in half [on a hilarious note, one of the movers was challenged and said "Oh, well, it was old, anyway", which is what my brother once said]. Dishes were put in the my closet, the home computer went into the garage, couch was shoved in this half-meter wide hall. Huge disaster.

The next morning, the company called my mother's cell phone to apologize again, and they sent two experienced men over to move everything back to where it was, AND they took our table to fix it [and they did a really good job].

 Our next issue was with Bell. The end problem wasn't their fault, but they could have been a lot more helpful. I'm very computer challenged, and I always thought that the help desk was supposed to you know, be helpful for people like me. What was happening was, our phone and computers were plugged in [correctly], and noting was happening. Like, our home phones weren't working, and our computer would work, but the internet wouldn't. So it was a Bell problem.

Anyway, I called at 9 AM, and was on hold for a while, and then they asked what the problem was. I got out like, 2 words, and they bounced me over to India. I was then bounced around for a few hours, and then I complained and said I wanted to speak to whoever was in charge over there. After waiting on hold for half an hour, I finally got someone, and I told her what the problem was.
She was kind of silent for a minute, and then said "I don't know. I'm going to hang up." And she did. I wasted my day trying to fix our home phone line and internet, and they hung up on me. So I called Bell back, and by that time the help desk was closed. I was feeling very cranky.

So my mother called Bell and they sent someone over the next morning and fixed the problem. I should start being more aggressive, it might get something done

Also, unrelated to the above story, but.
I like to cosplay, and lucky for me I lived next store to a Fabric Land. A few months ago, I went pattern hunting there for a simple dress pattern that I could alter for a Gardevoir. I found the pattern I wanted, but the one's that they had out wasn't in my size [I'm a model, I fit sample size]. I asked the woman behind the counter [who was larger then me], if they had this pattern in a smaller size. She turned, sized me up, and said

"Why should I give you the smaller pattern? It would encourage you, look at how sickly skinny you are. It's unnatural, you inspire women to have eating problems to have your supposed 'perfect figure'. Come back when you gain some weight."

I know I look a few years older then I am, but I was 16. That's a really harsh and rude thing to say to someone who is like, half your age and still a child. I didn't do anymore of my pattern shopping there until it was closing down, when all their patterns were $.50 each.
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