Liam (firdeloth) wrote in bad_service,

Me:No prizes for guessing
YSWH:You Still Work Here?
SOS:Some Other Server

Me: Hiya, table for two please.
Me:...two pepsis please.
[ten minutes later]
YSWH:*drops Pepsis onto table*
Me:Yeah, we'll have (insert order here)
SOS:*brings food, which is considerably average*
[one hour later]
Me:*walks up to bar, knows this isn't where one pays - used to work here* Yeah, hi, can I just pay table 41s bill, and see whatever manager is on tonight?

So yeah, I got a discount, but I was not impressed at the service. And even though I felt bad complaining, it had to be done. And you know, the RGM is that much of an asshat that he...wait for it...gave the guy a payrise.

So yeah, I don't eat there any more.

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