December 28th, 2012

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Sure, walk in and take whatever you want.

Im posting this for a friend who experienced this yesterday. I dont know if its bad service, confusing service, frustrating service, what...

"I had to go to the bank to get a check deposited, and I knew they opened at 9 (the sign on the door confirmed it). There was a big snow storm here so people did have a hard time getting out of their driveways to get to work, but I still think that this is ridiculous: I walked into the door, there was a light on in the back of the bank, and the alarm starts to go off. I stayed there expecting to see the police and have to explain what happened, but while I was waiting I noticed the bank vault was opened, and I called around for an employee a few times, while not moving from the lobby. After about 15 minutes, an employee showed up, informed me that the bank doors auto unlock at 9 and apologized for 'no one being here' while she reset the alarm. The police never showed up either. Definitely starting to reconsider keeping my money there!"

Now to be fair, all the account holders money isn't usually sitting around in piles in the safe, its all in a computer, but STILL this is ridiculous to me. He showed up and walked into a bank, with no employees there (not even a night guard or janitor), the bank vault door was wide open for the taking, AND the police never bothered showing up? He was there for almost 45 minutes all told from beginning to end. I also thought it was silly that the employee was so lasizee-faire about it. Maybe this happens a lot? If so, shouldn't SOMETHING change?
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Comcast suck.

I've used Comcast for both TV and Internet for over a decade and have always gotten excellent service from their customer service folks. Sadly, that streak has been resoundingly broken.

ETA: Sorry about the HTML fail, I don't post much any more. :)

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