December 25th, 2012


Comcast Wire Suck

My mom lives in San Francisco. If you haven't been to San Francisco, there are wires everywhere overhead. It is quite typical for San Francisco. My parents live in San Francisco on a corner that has many wires starting at the telephone pole on the corner.

On the 24th, my mom and I had come back from the grocery store and we see a Comcast truck outside our house/our neighbor's house. He has obviously just strung the cable from the telephone pole to the neighbor's house. There are several cables that go to that house (and others down the block.) The other cables are all strung right above our window. On the 24th Comcast installed two new lines it appears: one frayed and drooping extremely low and the other right in front of our window, nearly close enough for me to lean out and touch.

Picture of the low hanging cable
Picture of the cable right in front of our front main window

My mom got the Comcast guy's attention when we were walking into the house and asked him if he was leaving the cables like that. He said no.

Cut to 5 p.m. and the cables were still strung like this and Comcast is long gone. My mom gets on the phone with Comcast who really gives her no answer and says they'll call within 24 hours to send out an emergency service tech, but that my mom needs to be home for when they set up the repair. This doesn't even make sense because this is not our cable line or our service. We just don't want this crazy drooping cord in front of our house and we don't want to see the Comcast cable right in the line of sight out the window. 24 hours later and there is nothing. I understand that today is Christmas, but I am calling bad service on the tech who ran the wires like this to begin with and said he would fix them.

Hopefully Comcast remedies this, but for now only time will tell.

EDIT 12/26: Comcast was outside this morning removing the low hanging cable. My mom asked them what they were going to do about the other one in front of our window. The tech said that wasn't a Comcast cable and was actually an AT&T line and that the placement of the cable was "aerial trespass." So the next step is calling AT&T and getting them to rehang that line so it's not right in front of the window.