December 24th, 2012

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The Gift Card Tale

Yesterday my bf and I went to our local branch of a big UK DIY chain store to buy a gift card for his sister for Xmas (it's what she wanted, I'd have hated it but, eh).

So we get to the counter and ask for a £50 gift card. The assistant asked us which design, so we chose one, which he then swiped through the till, but for whatever reason it didn't register, so he got a few of the same design down and swiped them until one worked.He put £50 on it, and left the unused ones in a pile by the till. Now I wasn't paying attention and my bf was paying for the gift card by debit card, so neither of us noticed where the assistant put the gift card after he had swiped it, but once we had paid we couldn't see the gift card on the counter. So my bf asked the assistant where it was, and the assistant immediately jumped down his throat. He swore he'd put it on the counter, so either my bf or myself must have pocketed it. When we both said we hadn't the assist then outright accused us of trying to scam the store, and was very rude to us, even when we both emptied our pockets to show we didn't have it. Of course there was still the small pile of gift cards he had by the till, but he was adamant the card wasn't there and refused to check, we had hidden it and were trying to rob him. He refused to call a manager, but as it turned out one came over anyway having noticed that there was something up. The assistant told him we were trying to steal a gift card, we explained our side of things, and the first thing the manager did was scan the top gift card on the pile by the till.

Guess what? Yep, it was our card.

The manager was very apologetic, but the assistant just glared at us. We won't be going back. Not sure if the assistant was trying to steal our card or whether he really did not realise he'd put the card in the wrong place. He could have checked before branding us thieves and liars though.

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