December 21st, 2012


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I was reading the archives and saw an entry about Denny's and it reminded me of my own sucky experience at Denny's.

This was back in 2009, and to this day I haven't been back to that particular Denny's. I wouldn't go back there if you paid me.

Anyway, it was around 11:30pm on a Friday night, and my boyfriend, a couple of friends and I decided we were hungry. So we decided to go to the 24 hour Denny's near my bf's house.

When we arrived, it was almost deserted, only about two other tables were occupied in the whole restaurant. We were seated, given menus and the waiter practically ran off at top speed. We looked at our menus, and waited for the waiter to come back to take drink orders. And waited. Finally, after what felt like ten minutes, he finally reappeared and took our drink orders. I asked for some ice water as I wasn't in the mood for anything else.

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I just want to charge my phone from work.

I got an iPhone 5 on the weekend. On Monday I bought two lightning cables off eBay, from two different sellers - so if one got lost in the Christmas rush of post, I still had the other completely separate order which would hopefully make it.

Both sellers offered free postage, with an estimated delivery time of today, Friday the 21st. One I paid express shipping on ($4), the other I chose the free shipping option. The seller & I both live in Sydney, so express shipping is guaranteed next day.

Both cables were posted on Tuesday, & the expressed one arrived on Wednesday, except it was a mini USB to HDMI adaptor, not a lightning cable. I emailed the seller yesterday (Thursday) to notify them of the mistake, request that they send the replacement immediately as I paid for express postage for a reason*, & asked how they would be paying for return shipping of the incorrect item if they wanted it returned. They said they would send the correct item once I had returned the adaptor, & that they would not pay for the return postage, or refund my express postage. I had some stamps lying around so I sucked that up & posted it back today.

I had the free postage cable sent to me at work, & it arrived today. It's also an HDMI adaptor instead of a lightning cable, & the return address is the same as the first seller. For a moment I thought it was my very speedy replacement for the first wrong cable, but I didn't give the first seller my work address, I had it sent to me at home. I emailed them to let them know about the second cock-up, am currently awaiting their profusely apologetic response.

* wanting my item immediately is a completely legitimate reason. If it had been right, that $4 would have totally been worth not running back to my house this morning after I got to the bus stop because I'd realised I'd left my lightning cable at home, & as I'm going out tonight I want my phone to be charged.