December 17th, 2012


Quick Canada Post WTF

Backstory - my mum has sent me a birthday present by way of Canada Post. It's been about a week (she lives in Ontario, and I in BC), and I've heard neither hide nor hair of it. Important note: I live in a condo.

So, I go to check the mailbox on Friday, and find a card saying my package will be available for pick-up on Monday. They also require me to have photo ID with my current address on it (which I do not have yet). I call up the Post office, and they say that my package will not be available until Monday (today) after one p.m., and that I can use a copy of the rental agreement and my passport as ID.

This is where the WTF starts:

My boyfriend and I are sitting on the couch watching TV around 12:38 p.m., when the phone rings. It's the postman, come to deliver a package from Canada Post. Excited, I scurry to the door and wait. Then things got weird. The postman told me "We left you a card recently because you didn't answer the door/phone buzzer, but we're delivering the package now, so you don't have to go over to the post office."

...what? I was at home all day Friday, and they never once buzzed/knocked. I have noticed that people have been having trouble with the mail (one person got something for someone with the same condo number but a COMPLETELY different address - one about a kilometre away), so I've just chalked it up to that. Still weird, though!
Sheryl Nome

Warren James bad service

I popped into the jeweller Warren James this morning, looking for a Christmas gift for my mum. As I was headed to work, I was dressed in my work clothes; I wasn't a scruffy mess, but I wasn't dressed to the nines either.

The first member of staff to notice me just looked at me and immediately turned away. Not a word to me, just complete blanking. Like I wasn't worth looking at or was too disgusting/ugly/badly dressed to bother with.

If I hadn't wanted a specific thing from Warren James, I would have walked out right there and then. And even though what I wanted was sold out, I got something even better from a ''much'' nicer member of staff who didn't blank me on sight.