December 11th, 2012

Groupon and more bad service all around

So I purchased an item from Groupon on November 19, the item was a Christmas present. Last Friday it dawned on me that I hadn't returned the item yet, so I went to the website to track it. Now, a couple of months ago I moved to a condo but I continue to have my packages sent to my old address because it's safer.

Turns out my package was shipped by FedEx, when it got close by they turned it over the Post Office to deliver. I guess this is something they are doing now? Well, since the Post Office has my change of address on file they decided not to deliver it where it was addressed, and the package disappeared into cyberspace.

Fast forward to Saturday, I'm home all day and when I go to my mailbox at 3pm I find a notice from the Post Office "sorry we missed you!" and a notice that they had my package from Groupon. Great. Bad news - it says it's postage due for $5.00. Huh? Worse news, because the mailman is too lazy to ring my doorbell now I have to go to the post office two weeks before Christmas and pay $5.00 ? I don't think so. The post office in my town is a nightmare during non-holiday times.

I emailed Groupon and asked them what was going on and why do I owe $5.00, they replied that when I go to the post office I can find out. I replied that I was not curious enough to spend a half hour standing in line for something that was messed up and not my fault.

Oh, the best part is that my mailman also left in my mailbox a "Happy Holidays" postcard with his contact information, I'm guessing he thinks he deserves a holiday bonus for his outstanding service ??
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Minor Landlord Bad Service

So, today, my landlord came to the house in order to show an empty room to prospective tenants.

I saw him in the kitchen, literally about ten minutes before these people arrived and there had been no emails and no text messages or phone calls to let us know. Fair enough, he's allowed to do that. He asked if he could show people around mine and a fellow house mate's rooms to give an idea of what these new people could expect.

She said yes.

I said no.

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Odd Coloured Mammal: Landlord asks to show my room, I say no, rules back me up, he does it anyway. I pace.

To clarify: I have some conditions which make both keeping tidy and allowing people in my private space hard. I need the warning to make sure everything's okay, and that I'm mentally prepared for it. 
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