December 10th, 2012

Doc in the Box

Right now, I have no health insurance but I had a cough that going on for a month now.

So logged on to Doc in the Box website and requested an appointment. They say they will be with in an hour with your appointment time. I waited two hours with no reply.

Because at heart Doc in the Box is a walk in clinic I said forget it and just went in. I was greeted promptly and was told to fill out some paperwork. Then I was told it would be $120 today because I did not have insurance. This sounded about right.

I waited in the waiting for about 15 minutes. Then was taken into a room where I waited another 20 minutes. The doctor came in and ask me three questions, listened to my breathing and declared that I have allergies. Gave two scripts and sent me on my way. My service here was okay but not great.

Yesterday I got a bill for $187 for my appointment because my insurance didn't cover it. First, I did tell the staff that I didn't have insurance. Secondly, I had no tests done or additional care. I am annoyed with this surprise bill and I will talking to the Doc in the Box.

RESOLVED: I paid the $120 at the time at the visit. I did call and they could not give me a reason why I was sent a bill. They said that they would settle it with the billing group and that some type of error.
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Bad service from long ago (early 2010)

My nan is having trouble with a company called Virgin, notably, Virgin Media. They're running her ragged at the moment, but it isn't bad service. Yet. They just keep giving her loads of paperwork to fill in and a lot of bills that she does actually need to pay.

It reminded me of the time when I was living in my flat and was getting ready to move back in with my parents. I had to cancel Virgin Media. There was a cancellation fee of about £30. They told me, in writing, that if I sent all of their equipment back to them (TV box, modem, cables and other bits and pieces) I would only have to pay the £30. They warned me, that if I failed to do so, I would have to pay a fee of £160.

So, I sent it all back the next day. They even gave me a box to store everything in. I got a letter about a month later telling me that because I had failed to return anything, that I had to pay £160. My mum phoned them up and told them that I'd sent everything back, but they were adamant that they hadn't receieved anything. When my mum told them that I'd definitely done what they said, they basically tried to call my mum a liar (in nice words lol).

Anyway, I refused to pay. And my mum also said that I should NOT pay because they were wrong here, and I shouldn't have to pay for this. Time went on and I got bombarded with letters. Finally, the day came when I received a letter stating that they were going to be taking me to court. A couple of days after that I also got a letter from a bailiffs office threatening me that if I didn't pay up they'd send someone round to the house. My mum phoned Virgin Media up again and complained, and they said there's only one thing we can do, and that's pay the bill. Even though I'd sent everything back like they'd asked me to, they kept saying they never receieved anything.

We ended up paying the bill between us, which left us very broke, but at least we could both rest knowing that I didn't have to go to court and a bailiff wouldn't be coming round to the house.

I am never going with Virgin Media again, though!

EDIT: I just spoke to my mum. She's sure she sent it via recorded post. I don't know if that means they definitely should have got it, or whether it just got tracked or what. But she said she covered our backs, yet it still wasn't good enough. I still think this was bad service, especially now that I've spoken to my mum.

EDIT: Okay, so again, not bad service. Everyone can move on now.

Minor bad service from UPS

I've been having some problems with something I ordered from a different company, so basically I got the first item shipped to my house but it was defective and the company replaced it but then I had to call UPS to come pick it up and re-deliver the new one. In the last 2 weeks I have had UPS deliver to my house 3 times. I've had the same driver each time. Today I answered the door, he said "Am I done delivering here now?" I just replied with "Um, maybe..." because his comment surprised me. I signed for the package and as he was leaving he said, "Well hopefully I won't need to come back AGAIN."

He wasn't joking and he sounded like he was actually annoyed with me. Wtf? Maybe I'm being sensitive but that just seemed completely unnecessary to say that to me. Is it really that big of a deal to come to the same house multiple times?