December 8th, 2012


Short shipping suck.

So a couple weeks ago I sent one of my friends a birthday gift from ThinkGeek. Because it would have taken forever and cost a ton to ship from them to me and then to her (we're both in Canada but on opposite sides of the country), I sent it directly to her address with express shipping, six days before the date of. It took about a day for tracking to display that the order was recieved–okay, fine, it had said at checkout that might happen.

That was the 24th. With express it was expected to arrive no later than the 30th. Seeing as it's now eight days over that and counting with absolutely no change in the tracking display, I'm more than a little annoyed. Yeah, it's the holiday season, but if I paid for express I expect it to get there at least within a few days of the estimated time.

Petty rant, yeah, but it's just frustrating. The DHL number shows it as 'information received' while ThinkGeek's tracking shows it as shipped, so I'm assuming it's been sent and just... not arrived? I don't even know. Grahh.

ETA: After an hour in their online chats today, it turns out there was a miscommunication between the warehouse and shipper. They sent a replacement today on express and refunded me the difference between shipping, which was awesome.
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