December 5th, 2012

weird is a side effect of awesome

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My local market has a meal deal every Wednesday. This week's was one I actually wanted, so I made sure to do my shopping today within the "guaranteed" time frame (each store is supposed to guarantee that the meal deal is available between noon and 8 pm).

Got there around 1, 1.30, and there were none out. Okay, not a big deal, crap happens, maybe they ran out. This isn't the suck. I went to the deli counter (they prepare them there) to inquire when they'll have some available--there are two workers, a man and a woman.

As I approach the counter, the male looks at me and then starts doing... something. I don't even know. Just after this, the woman comes over to grab some meat from the deli case. Looks at me, doesn't say anything.

BOTH workers know I'm there. NEITHER said anything--not, "How can I help you?" not, "Hi, be right with you," just... silence.

Seriously guys?

I gave them 10-15 seconds before saying, 'Excuse me?" If I hadn't really wanted the damn roast, I'd have said fuck it and done the rest of my shopping without it.

It's NOT that hard to acknowledge the customer, people.