December 3rd, 2012

reina girl
  • kireny

I am happily waiting the day for USPS to go out of business

I had an amazon packaged shipped by Fedex and was suppose to be delivered to me today. Apparently they handed it off to USPS and surprise surprise it was not delivered. At 7pm I check the tracking number and it was noted that there was a failed "delivery" attempt at 7pm; except we were here, the light was on and no one knocked. I went out to the mailbox and there was our mail but no "sorry we missed you" notice.

I called the 800 customer service number and after asking for a surpsivor I get told that all the times I called to file a complaint, no one actually recorded it. So there is no history of our mail carriers behavior. The supervisor then tells me she can "file a complaint" to the local post office. I told her I've done that, I've left several messages to the consumer affair in philadelphia and I've written to the consumer adovcate in DC. Yet, here our mail carrier is, ruining items and not delivering stuff. I am beyond livid. 2 years of wasted time because no one recorded the complaints like they said they were and now I dont even have evidence that this is continued behavior. I am so close to moving the damn mailbox to my front step myself. 

I'm also calling Fedex to complain because I use Fedex and UPS because they arent the post office. If Fedex is going to be using the post office to not deliver items, then I will no longer be using Fedex.

Update: Went to the post office this morning to get my package, told the guy at the counter the tracking number and that there wasn't any slip left for me. He dissappeared into the back for about 20 minutes then comes out to tell me they don't have my package, that since it was delivery confirmation that it should have just been left on the front step and the only thing he can think is that she took it back out today for delivery. So I finish running errands and go home to find my mail delivered but no package; so I called the local post office again, gave the guy on the phone the tracking number and apparently the package is now at the post office. :/