December 2nd, 2012


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I went to a school reunion this weekend. It was held in a village near to where I went to school, but I'm really unfamiliar with the village (I think I'd been driven through it a couple of times as a kid).

So I got off the train (8.30 at night, really dark, no street lights on the roads) and called a taxi. Which went like this:

Me: Hi, I'd like a taxi from this station to this pub please
Taxi operator: It's only round the corner, love *hangs up*

Which left me wandering around in the dark for 5 minutes until I found a corner shop to ask for directions in. I hadn't looked up the walking directions beforehand (which now I'm feeling stupid for not doing) because I knew it would be dark and a quite quiet place, so I had a taxi number on my phone.

I'm really angry at the taxi company. I know a lot of people don't care about walking around alone at night, but I think I'm quite an anxious person and feel really uncomfortable doing that, especially when I have no clue where I'm going. Also hate being patronisingly called "love".

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So, this is a mix of other patron being a jerk and the butcher just playing into it. Not horrible, but felt a tiddy-bit sexist. I went up to the counter. The butcher was helping a young man. The butcher looked at me for a moment and I smiled at him. As I stood waiting my turn another man came up and stood on the other side. The first costumer finishes and the butcher proceeds to suddenly ignore me and go into helping the man who came up after me. I say to the other costumer, "Pardon me, but I was next." The both of them turn away from me and the man goes into his order. I was just sort of stunned by both of them and I left without purchasing anything. I feel a bit bad though, someone who did nothing to me probably had to deal with the cart, but I thought I'd loose my temper and find out that there was a misunderstanding.