November 29th, 2012

Ko-ki sunglasses

Wtf Service?

Went into the local Rite-Aid this morning to buy gauze and cloth tape.
When I walked in, the cashier did the standard,

Cashier: "Hi, how're you today?
Me: "Tired, but otherwise great."
Cashier: *Chuckle* "Yeah, I guess it is tiring being a woman. But if you're fine except for being tired, that's great!"

What the fuck?

I was halfway down the aisle I needed by this point, but I just turned around and left.
I didn't say anything though. I was kinda shocked.

Am I overreacting in being shocked that he said that? Should I have said something to him/his manager?
It's weird; his tone was perfectly normal, like it was an acceptable thing to say.

EDIT: spelling; hit submit too soon- cut off a sentence, haha.