November 21st, 2012

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Bank of Murrica

I have a question. I joined a credit union about a month ago, but still have my account open with BoA because I'm scared to close it. My family and friends and I have had problems with them in the past (who hasn't?), and am worried that if I attempt to close it, they won't let me. Or something. Also, I have a CD in an IRA, and a money market account. I want to open a Roth IRA with my credit union, but I'm worried BoA will tax the heck out of me and won't transfer me over to my credit union. Is there a way to get my IRA out and to my new credit union without getting crazy fees, or is there a way to get them to just transfer them over?

So, I haven't actually talked to BoA yet, which means I'm not currently receiving bad service. Still, I'm worried that I will, because I've had bad service in the past. If this isn't allowed, mods please let me know, because I went to the rule page and I didn't see anything specifically outing questions like this.

If there won't be any problem and I'm just crazy, let me know, also.

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
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Dry Cleaning Saga Update

Update to this post about my horrible dry cleaning experience.

We gave the owner a few days to find our comforter, expecting him to call us if he found anything. He said "a few days" on Monday, November 5. Friday the 9th, my boyfriend calls the owner to see if there's any update, and they found three comforters with no ticket on them. Apparently, the whole cause for the mix-up was that the staple gun that was used to attach the ticket to the bags for the garments went bad, so a bunch of tickets fell off (how anyone didn't notice this before it got out of hand is beyond me).

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So overall, I did get what I wanted and am satisfied with the result. I'm still annoyed with the carelessness of this place, and their lack of speed with handling this whole situation, but nothing more can be done. But I will never go to this place again.