October 27th, 2012


Unlimited Smog in Sacramento

Posting for a non-LJ friend that got horrid service from a smog check center. His Yelp review:

employee/owner refused services that were entitled to me after purchasing services.
"30 day smog retake"

On 10/17/12 I took in my vehicle to get smog check at UNLIMITED SMOG. I paid $26.75 for the smog services, the owner/employee ran the test on my truck and failed to pass the smog check due to two emission sensors not confirming. After failing the owner/employee advised me in order to set the sensors, I had to drive around for a while in order to set the sensors, so I did. I filled up my tank which was $150 dollars, drove for about 200 miles and returned the same day for the smog check.

Upon arrival instead of rechecking my vehicle on the smog machine he decided to use his ODB II code scanner to see if the sensors had set. He advised me that one of my sensors was not setting, after doing so he referred me to take my vehicle to the dealership to see why that sensor was not setting.

I took it into the dealership and they advised me that there would be a $120 inspection fee, so I agreed on the inspection but was advised that I had to leave my vehicle over night. The next day the service rep at the dealership told me that I had to get my computer on my vehicle replaced in order to have my sensors set, so I agreed and ended up paying $720 dollars for the service and repair. The service rep at the dealership advised me that all the sensors had been set and that I was good to go.

On 10/25 I go back to get my free 30 day re-smog check, I arrive early in the morning and I wait until he opens the shop, he assisted the customer ahead of me, after doing so he brings his ODB II code scanner once again to see if my sensors have set, we wait for about 2 minutes and tells me that one of my sensors still have not set. At this point of time I had advised him that the dealership had notified me that they had set my sensors and there should be no problem passing my truck. He refused to check my truck even though I was entitled to my free 30 day re-smog.

I asked why wouldn't he? then he said that he knew it would pass but he didn't want to due to the fact that he would get dinged for a point. Then I asked him that before I had taken my truck into the dealership would my truck have passed then. He replied yes. I became irate at this point of time and asked why wouldn't he just tell me to get retested somewhere else where instead of me wasting my time and money taking it to the dealership. He replied "I must've forgot." I asked him once again to run the smog check just to see if it would pass and he still refused due to this point that he kept talking about. I advised him that I had spent $870 dollars to fix my truck which there was nothing wrong with, and him knowing that my truck would've have passed but did not want to recheck my vehicle for him not to get dinged with this one point, was wrong of him to have put me through. The owner didn't care that I had spent all of that money and didn't empathize at all. He had a Oh well, I don't care attitude, so I left. I was so mad at this point and had never felt so deceived with all this false information just for personal gain.

Sadly I had to pay $48 dollars to get my vehicle smog checked somewhere elsewhere, where my truck did pass after all the lies, and money spent. In all I will never recommend anyone to get their smog check done at UNLIMITED SMOG.


They are refusing to issue any type of refund for the smog test that shouldn't have failed in the first place! Aside from a Yelp review, we aren't exactly sure what else can really be done to get a refund. Anyone know if he can pursue some type of reimbursement for the unnecessary repair he was told to get at the dealer? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

I also noticed that if you check the filtered reviews hidden on their Yelp page you can see a bunch of positive reviews from what seem to be fake profiles in an attempt to raise their rating. Even the grammar is consistent between them! So incredibly shady!
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