October 18th, 2012

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Final wedding cake update

A week went by with nothing, and I was starting to think I would have to really put down the boot when I got home from my holiday, but happy days, the refund went into my account the very day before I was going to start using more threatening words like "lawyers". She didn't contact me in any way to confirm that this was happening, which I'm not wild about; she told me she'd email me and she did not, but the refund was posted and everything seems good now.

So that ends that, I hope.

Walt Disney World has been great, on the whole. :D

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David's Bridal freakout

The other David's Bridal story reminded me:

I grew up in California but currently live in Ohio (and am getting married in Pennsylvania); when I visited my relatives a few months ago, my mom and grandmother and aunts took me dress shopping. I didn't expect to find The Dress first time at David's Bridal, but sure enough, the sixth dress I tried was perfect, and it was on clearance. My grandmother bought it and the matching veils as a wedding gift; the veils were actually located at a store near my aunt's house, so she picked them up and I brought them back in my suitcase. I was told shipping would be arranged for the dress, but because I have knee issues, after trying on so many dresses I needed to go sit down, so I let my mom and grandma arrange all that. 

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TL;DR: David's Bridal gives me a minor panic attack due to a series of miscommunications but did not, in fact, lose my dress. 
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