October 12th, 2012

korra, avatar

Funny WTF with Tats and Drive Throughs

This is just a minor WTF I have to laugh at...if this isn't allowed, please let me know!
Ok, I've seen sucks on here about employees commenting on customer's body art. Well, I happen to be inked and one of my several tats is a yin yang (but one side has stars and moon and the other is orange and fiery). Typically I don't mind comments at all! But really? In the drive through? While there are people behind me? Yes I know it's unique. Oh, I must be into mysticism huh? Ok...You are too? You have videos I should watch? Fantastic...do they come with food?
I go through a second time weeks later and pretty much the same thing happens with this employee. It made me laugh really.
BUT! It gets better!! So this week I started a brand new job (I'll have some customer_suck to share, I'm sure). I walk into my training class on my first day and lo and behold...who should be there but Drive Through Dude. Who didn't even recognize me until I wore a shirt yesterday that showed off my tats (most of mine are positioned where they can be easily hidden). I had to laugh again...and listen as he, once more, drilled me on the finer points of my belief system lol. Yay he is my co worker now!