October 9th, 2012

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The tiny cafe by my work sells coffee and a couple food items, great bbq chicken quesadillas. When vegetarian cashier works-I know she's a veg from her shirt pins-they're without fail suddenly out of chicken. 

 If it's a different employee working the shift? Chicken as high as an elephant's eye. I respect her right not to put animals in her mouth but I'm not buying it for her. The only shortage is when otherwise-perfectly-nice veggie cashier is working. I've tested this multiple times. I would just avoid her shift, but I never know when she'll be working until I go in.

I would talk to a manager, but I've never seen one in there. I might try going by in the morning and seeing if he's in then. 

*edit* I went early and talked to the owner who is also the manager...he just facepalmed and said "oh, for god's sake." She is related to him somehow and in spite of the annoyance, he was such a nice guy that it became a not very big deal. He promised me there would be a free quesadilla for me next time. 

local sandwich shop suck...(aka, it's a swinging door not a soundproof booth)

Went with my fiance for lunch a bit ago and had an interesting experience...we place our orders and are waiting for our goodies to be made. The way it's set up is like most sub places, everything is in plain view. The cashier also made our orders, and she grabbed the chicken from (I'm guessing/hoping) a refrigerator under the prep area. She opens the bin, looks down, and gets this look on her face that looks...worried/reluctant. She proceeds to take the bin to the back through a swinging door and I overhear the following conversation:

Cashier: is this chicken okay, it looks odd and kind of smells like a fart
Manager/Owner: *sniff* oh lord...well use it and see if they complain

At this point I lean over the counter and say "excuse me...I think i'd like a refund on this". The manager comes swaggering out with this entire manner of "let's fight", looks me dead in the eyes and says "sorry, we don't offer refunds". We go through the shpiel of me asking to talk to a manager/owner and he tells me he's both, and then he tells me that I "should have been minding my own business and not listening to a private conversation", to which I replied "if you're employee is going to compare my food to a fart maybe you should find a more private place to have that conversation, dude, because there aren't that many people who will readily accept food with ass flavored seasoning".

He looks at me, then at my fiance, then at us holding hands (we're both male) and gets that smirky "I'm so clever" look on his face and starts to say something, but I immediately cut him off by sternly saying "you really need to choose your words carefully here", and was treated to a lovely condescending eyeroll. I was tired of this nonsense by now and demanded a refund one more time, was turned down, so I took the sandwiches and was going to just toss them, but on the way out the door someone was coming in so I opened the box in front of them and said "hey, they just served me this, how's it smell??". Not sure how to go about getting my money back, but turning off another customer was almost worth it.
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Olive Garden

This is bad_service and manager_awesome, but mostly, it's just kind of funny.

I temporarily have a roommate, and last week, we went to Olive Garden for dinner. It didn't seem that busy, and we were placed by a mother with her three children.

Our waitress seems a little harried, but she's nice, greets us, asks for our drinks. We didn't get them for ten minutes, but that's okay, maybe she's a little rushed.

However, it just got worse from there. She took our order, and it took forever to get them. Okay, the kitchen's slammed.

However, our waitress never checked on us. We knew she was around, because she kept checking on the table next to us, but she never looked at us once. She brought a basket of bread and placed it on our table, but never looked at us, just kept her attention on the next table. She lingered, chatting with the mother, and ignored me when I tried to catch her attention. We were finished with our meal and waiting for her to come check on us so we could get the bill when a different server brought refills, and I asked for a manager.

The manager was awesome, he was completely apologetic and gave my friend and I gift cards. Especially when I explained that she spent so much time at the next table, but was apparently incapable of taking ten more steps to our own, and we were waiting to pay and go home. Everything got resolved in five minutes, which was nice.

So irritating. We went to the same Olive Garden tonight (thankfully, different server), but we were right next to her section, and she was doing it to another table. I almost felt like warning them. :-D