September 30th, 2012

Sheryl Nome

Mild, but annoying b_s over the course of quite a few months

It's annoying enough to have to phone the jobcentre about something. It gets double annoying if:

a) the person on the other end of the phone accuses of me of being condescending because I default to using phonetic alphabet whenever I have to spell something. Excuse me for wanting to save time by ensuring that we're both on the same letter, rather than mistaking Ms for Ns and Vs for Bs or whatever other mistakes our wildly different accents can cause.

b) whoever I'm speaking to simply cannot comprehend the use of phonetics. Isn't that basic call centre knowledge, recognising when a customer is using phonetics and using them yourself for the sake of clarity?

c) employees ignore what I'm saying because it's the "wrong alphabet". I get that I'm probably not using the alphabet taped to the side of their monitor, but is the NATO phonetic alphabet really that hard to understand?

d) someone gets grumpy at me for "time-wasting" when I ask for details on an advertised job and I decline contact details after finding out location and/or start time; trust me, it's just as much of a waste to give me the contact details for a job I cannot physically get to. There would be no "time wasting" at all if these "minor" details were actually included on the jobcentre advert in the first place.

CVS annoyance

I think I would have brushed off each individual instance of annoying service below, but together, along with the tone of the last person I spoke to, just irritated me enough to draft a letter I'm going to send to the pharmacy in reference.

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Wedding Cake Drama

I understand that things sometimes go wrong with weddings, that stress can make things seem more dramatic than they really are, and that not everyone places your day on as high a priority as you do... but still, this experience seemed to be legitimately beyond annoying and into just plain bad.

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To be honest, I understand that things happen and that not everything can go perfectly smoothly. And she seemed so emotional every time I spoke to her, so I feel like I'm being horrible to be upset with her, but really... there's nothing wrong with saying that if your cake doesn't arrive, something has gone very wrong, right? As one of my friends put it, "It's not like it's ruined the whole night, but the cake has just added a whole extra stress that didn't need to be there".

But, you know, on the bright side it was a lovely night, we had plenty of fun, and I told some of our guests that the cake table without a cake on it was just a big Portal shout-out.

Well, that hit a nerve

Went to the doctor's a couple of weeks ago for a physical exam, head to toe. As part of the exam I had bloodwork drawn, he has a lab in his office. When I got there the line was so long they said they would do the exam first, then I could do the bloodwork. After the physical the line was still long, but I had to wait (fasting bloodwork, by now it's 11 am and I'm cranky).

The line moved so slowly but finally I got in, the woman put the needle in my arm and a lightning bolt shot down my arm, it hurt so much. She was horrified and asked if I was OK, the pain subsided so I told her to continue (5 vials).

Anyway, 2 days later I got horrible pain in my arm constantly, and by a week later it wasn't getting any better. I had to go back to the doctor for a follow up but I ended up seeing a Nurse Practitioner and I told her the woman hit a nerve when she was drawing my blood.

The NP declared it was impossible, there are no nerves there, it couldn't have happened, and if you have a nerve there then your body is wired differently than every other person on the planet. Huh. She ordered nerve testing and an ultrasound and I went on my way.

Fast forward to this past Friday for yet another follow up appointment, but this time I get to see my doctor, the top guy. By this time the pain is almost gone, but as we're wrapping up our appointment I tell him about my blood draw and the pain and he gets up to leave and says "oh yeah, she hit a nerve, happens a lot. It'll go away."