September 29th, 2012


Insurance Annoyance

This made me spend significant time on the phone and is very frustrating.

Two weeks ago I sprained my ankle pretty bad. After going to the ER and getting it x-rayed to find there is no break, I'd been having trouble putting weight on it for upwards of a week. I called my doctor and he told me to make an appointment with him, so I did. After my exam he decided I needed physical therapy on the ankle to help the mobility and whatnot. He told me rather than give me the physical therapy place, he'd put in a general referral with the insurance company, that I should call the insurance company and find who's covered, and then make an appointment.

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Allergies in hospitals are some of the worst...

Hello, so this is my first post here, not sure if it's bad service or maybe just a wtf though?

Just recently, I had to get all four of my wisdom teeth out (ouch) which is all well and good. I have never been to this particular hospital before, but it was quite nice and the nurses that I experienced before I went into surgery were fantastic. Now, I am allergic to Penicillin, I hadn't ever experienced a bad allergic reaction before, however I always make sure to make it clear when I'm at a hospital.

As they usually do, the nurses ask you if you're allergic to anything on numerous occasions before surgery, pretty much every time they come in to check on you and each time I told them I was allergic to Penicillin.

Anyway, came out of the surgery fine, feeling pretty out of it though, and they give you some pain killers straight away to ease off any pain. The next thing I know, I had this searing pain down my arm that kind of tingled all the way to my chest and down my other arm. I mentioned this to the nurses (as best I could because I was still half drugged up and out of it) and this is where the bad service started.

The nurse rolled her eyes and told me it was a normal feeling, and that I should be grateful that I was getting painkillers considering it was going to be super painful when I was fully awake. I tried again to explain how I was feeling, it was making my chest numb and it literally felt like my heart was slowing down, I could feel every single beat. What I think was making it worse was the fact that if anyone has ever had surgery, when you wake up, you feel really groggy and just out of sorts and considering it's a strange place, the fact that I couldn't feel my arm and it was hurting to breathe was making me even more anxious.

A second nurse came over and I tried to explain to her how I was feeling, but she was pretty much the exact same as the first; just brushed me off and told me to try and sleep more and that I was probably overreacting due to the surgery. It took them almost fifteen minutes before they started to take me seriously, because by this point I was having trouble breathing and I could tell my heart rate on their monitor must have been pretty high. 

I guess what really frustrated me was that no one bothered to really check if I was allergic to anything before giving it to me, especially when I had specifically told them numerous times, plus I think it's on your chart? And what made it worse was the fact that the nurses didn't seem to care at all. 

I guess this might not be a suck exactly, I completely get that nurses are busy with lots of patients and it's easy to miss things, I just felt so disoriented and upset about how I was treated while I was feeling even worse.