September 26th, 2012


OC Transpo, I hate you

In a master's program, they really discourage you from being late for class, you know. That's why I left an hour early for a commute that should, even with traffic, only take 40 minutes or so.

That doesn't explain why two buses IN A ROW failed to show up. At all. They weren't late, they just didn't show. I ended up waiting almost 20 minutes for a bus that's SUPPOSED to run every 6 minutes at that time of day. I was 10 minutes late to class, which in that particular class meant I missed a pop quiz. Great! Thanks OC Transpo!

I'm not taking that route again. There's another one I can take that's slightly more roundabout, but the buses on it are MUCH more reliable. I just don't understand how one route can be so much worse than another.
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