September 20th, 2012

Do You Think I am a Thief?

So, this is really minor bad service, but it was bugging me so I thought I would share.

Recently I went to Banff. It's a great place in the summer... lots of trails, stores and good food. I went with my mother and sister, and we had a great time. Just to set the scene, let me say that I'm 34, my sister is 28 and my mom is about 60. I think. She won't confirm or deny. :) We all look quite respectable and went into many stores with no problem.

Until we reached this one little store. I understand they have a lot of easily stolen chachkis and pretty necklaces, but the lady at the register was over the top. She actually left her register to follow us around. The whole time I was looking at necklaces she was staring at me. o_o Mom and my sister both got squicked out and left quickly, but I loved the necklaces, so I ignored her long enough to find one and purchase it. Even so, it was very off putting. We went to several other similar stores, with easily portable touristy trinkets, but no one else treated us like that.