September 19th, 2012

tardis, doctor who

A 'huh?' moment at Starbucks

So, just rolling through the Starbucks drive-thru after work, I ask for a 'grande Pumpkin Spice frappaccino'.  Pull up to the window to pay, and the girl asks me if I want coffee in it. I went '*blink blink* yes.....'  I asked her what they put in it if not coffee, she said they could do it with just the milk and flavoring. But that wouldn't be a frap would it? I thought a frappaccino was basically coffee, milk, and ice blended together. Pretty much a coffee slush. Am i mistaken here?

ok, wow, lots of comments on this one... so, I never knew what a 'creme frappaccino' was, never asked, never ordered one. So, when in the past months 'mocha cocconut frap' has gotten me a coffee-based one, and 'pumpkin spice frap' has gotten me a coffee-based one, AND my assumption that 'frappaccino' = a blend of coffe, milk, and ice, I was thinking, but did NOT say 'uh, duh i want coffee in it, I said 'frap' didn't I? what kinda of a question is that?' Thought it was something interesting to post here, as more of a 'what the heck?' kinda post, not really a 'this place/sever/whatever sucked!' post.

Was not rude at all to her, it was very obvious I was confused I think. I acutally said as I handed her my card 'it's a pumpkin spice frappaccino right?' just to make sure I hadn't said something weird at the board/speaker thing. I think I gave her a pretty much 'deer in headlights' look that was part confustion over the question and part that my brain was tired after the work shift I'd just gotten off of.

----- totally off topic, where the heck is the 'save entry' button in the new 'update page'? am i being blind? couldn't find it when editing this, only had delete and preview that I could see