September 9th, 2012


I'm pretty sure at this point USPS just hates me.

So a while ago I posted about how sucky my post office is. I live in Chicago and got some comments from some fellow Chicagoans about how the USPS in Chicago just sucks in general. Last time it was the mailman throwing packages over my gate and breaking my stuff. My apartment is located in a town house that was converted in to three stories with an apartment on each floor.

For the last year we've had a huge problem with mail not getting delivered. I started a new job and Direct Deposit didn't go through until two paychecks in, so the paychecks were mailed to me. Never got them. (Our mailbox is locked, theft is not the problem.) Then on my birthday when my mother told me she mailed me a package two weeks ago, I looked to see if it was left somewhere (sometimes they stuff packages under our chairs). Nothing! A week later this couple arrives on our doorstep holding the package saying that USPS delivered it to their house instead of ours (six miles away).

We constantly get mail for other people who do not live here. We get mail for other apartments, mail for other houses on our street, and mail for addreses that are completely different from ours. It makes NO sense. Fellow Chicagoans might know that USPS *claims* that they don't deliver a package to an apartment if the names of the residents are not on the mailbox, and somehow we get packages for other people and people get our packages? The last time I went to pick up a package they didn't let me take it because even though my name was on the address line, my boyfriend's name was first and therefore HE had to pick it up, not me. (It was another package from my mother, it was a house warming gift to the both of us so she thought she would put both our names on it.)

A month and half ago I ordered some cosplay items that were being delivered from South Korea. They said delivery would take about four weeks TOPS, and I had never had a problem with the company before so I just made sure I ordered two months before the con I needed it for and waited.

And waited. 

Finally after waiting six weeks I shot them an email asking what was up. They replied with a tracking number (would have been nice to have it sooner, I wasn't aware it was tracked) that said the package had a deliery attempt on August 10th. I sent this email on September 7th!

Tracking said that a notice was left, and I NEVER got a notice. It wasn't on my door, it wasn't in my mailbox. Those are the only places they are supposed to leave them. Once we got a notice that was left on the house next to ours!

So their policy says that if the item is unclaimed after 30 days they send it back to the seller. Guess who missed the 30 day window because they didn't even know their package had arrived in the US at all? Yeah. Now my package is on its way back to Korea and I needed these items in two weeks.

I emailed them for help and they responded with a "Sorry but your package is out of our hands now!" and offered their deepest condolences. Welp.

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(Not so) Dear cashier at my local grocery store:

When a customer asks you to request the customer behind them move back as they're making a PIN purchase (and with the type of card, I didn't have a choice as to whether it would BE a PIN or not), don't just stand there and stare at them.

And if a situation is escalating because your customer DOESNT WANT THE NEXT IN LINE TO BE ON THEIR ASS?

Maybe you could do SOMETHING to de-escalate it?

Yes, I know I handled myself badly. But you know what? If you had done SOMETHING--ANYTHING--maybe it would've turned out differently.

Also, separate suck: When I go to restaurants (including fast food), I order no-ice in my drink. Because frankly, the ice tends to be disgustingly filthy. The ice makers are seldom cleaned, same for the buckets used to bring ice from the maker to the ice chest (which is ALSO seldom cleaned). I'm far from a germophobe, but it grosses me out.

So, when you accidentally make my drink with ice (not a big deal itself, it happens--I've done it myself), and I point it out, please REMAKE the drink, and don't just scoop the ice out? (I don't expect the worker to know why I don't want ice--but people have their reasons for not wanting something and imo, picking/scooping/dumping it out is unacceptable if you goof and make it with the undesired object).