August 29th, 2012

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Today was my parents' 41st wedding anniversary. On Sunday, my father called a restaurant in our hometown to make a reservation for dinner. This restaurant is fairly new, and so he was excited to take my mom there to try out their seafood, which is their specialty. Dad called me earlier today to tell me he'd made the reservation and asked me to keep it a surprise, which I did. While we were on the phone, I looked up the restaurant online, and was perplexed to come across the following on their Facebook page:

"[Restaurant] will be closed Monday and Tuesday until the middle of September."

I read that to my dad over the phone, and we both agreed that it was very strange. He said that he'd spoken to someone at the restaurant on Sunday and was clear about wanting the reservation for Tuesday (today), and that if he took my mom and it turned out to be closed, they'd find an alternative.

Well, they got to the restaurant, and sure was closed.

My dad said there was some valet guy there who was explaining everything to the customers who'd shown up, and was very apologetic. Luckily, my parents were able to get a table at a different restaurant across the street, and had a very nice anniversary dinner. But that's still a pretty crappy thing for the restaurant to do: a) To its customers, especially those who made reservations; and b) To some hapless valet guy who probably didn't even get the full story from management and might've ended up with some pretty irate would-be diners. Sigh. :\
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Lazy service from CVS

Today I went to fill two of my prescriptions at a CVS I don't normally visit, but it's right near my psychiatrist's office, so I thought I would go there for a change.

I take Seroquel and Lamictal for Bipolar I (well, the generics anyway). I tried to fill both scripts after my appointment, but only Lamictal went through. The lazy service was that instead of telling me that Seroquel wasn't being filled, and not giving me a reason why, the script was stapled to the inside of the bag with the Lamictal in it.

Since I wasn't told why it wasn't filled, I can only assume it was because it was too early to refill it, so insurance wouldn't cover it. Now, I know something like that isn't CVS's fault, but had I known that insurance wouldn't pay for it (which I really don't know if that's true, it's only my best guess), I would have filled it anyway and paid out of pocket for it.

Not only that, but I think it's extremely passive aggressive to return the prescription and put it in the bag instead of telling me while I was checking out.

Edit: Upon inspection, a note was attached to the back of the Lamictal prescription insert saying: "too soon, prescription available 9/6"

Great communication, CVS.
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Bad service made good!

So, we have several rent to own companies in the area. Our TV broke, and conveniently, one of the companies we used before (colortyme) called us offering us a really good deal on a nice tv with no payments until October. I mentioned the monthly payments still were a little too high for us, since we (my SO and I are both on disability). He said he had a few of the same model that were previously leased (used) but in great condition. The price was about $20 less per month and about $200 less in total than the brand new one. This was in our price range, so we agreed and scheduled delivery and set up. They arrived in the scheduled time frame the next day, and set up the TV, and then rushed out the door before I could give it a thorough looking over. Taking a good look at the TV the whole top of the frame had little gouges taken out of it, like a dog had chewed on it. I understand than a used product would ahve some minor wear and tear, but when I'm told it is in great condition, this is a bit much. I called them at the store immediately, and they apologized and said they would try and send some one back out that day, or the next morning to replace it, and would get back to me about it. The person I spoke too called later that evening saying that they were having truck problems and he would put me first on the list for delivery the next morning, some time before noon. We later find out that the delivery drivers left the garbage from the packaging sitting in my yard.

I wake up nice and early waiting for them to show up. 1pm rolls around, still no sign of them. I call the store, the person I speak to told me that they just now left the store and apologized for running late. The store is only 2 miles away, so it shouldn't take more than a few minutes to get to my apartment. So, I wait, and wait, and wait. Then 4pm rolls around. I call the store again. He puts me on hold and tries to get in contact with the driver. Comes back on the line to say that the driver isn't picking up. He says he will keep trying and call me back. At 4:30pm he calls me back, and says that the driver wasn't told that I had priority and was making deliveries in the order of farthest away from the store first, but some one should be there in 15 minutes or so.

Here is where it all got better. Just a few minutes ago, the person I had been speaking to on the phone, rolls up in his car, with my TV in the back seat. He felt bad for all the hassle and time that was wasted, so he wanted to make sure that I got my product as soon as possible. He brought it in, unwrapped it and inspected it with me, and plugged it in to make sure it was working properly. He then personally apologized for the defects in the first products because the drivers should have seen something that obvious when setting up the TV the first time, and apologized for the drivers leaving trash in my yard as well. It turns out that he is the floor manager of the store. I have to say, I was quite impressed with his initiative. Kudos to him.