August 28th, 2012



Hidey ho. I read this community only sometimes, but had an interaction today that I feel bad about, so I'm posting. Note that I'm a party to the bad_service here, not the recipient/victim. If this comm is an inappropriate place for Retail Confession let me know and I'll take it down.

I work in a bike shop that opened about a year ago. I'm not a bike tech, I'm sort of a bike apprentice so I can fit you to your bike, I know enough about the bikes to sell them, I know about the gear that we carry, but I don't do repairs apart from pedal installs and flat tires. Since April or May, we've been operating at about 700% of our expected capacity (the neighborhood was apparently starved for a bike shop?!), and by and large, things have been going really well, community's getting to know us and we them, etc. I'm not making excuses for what happened to this guy, but if anyone guesses where I work, I want to make clear that this is a total aberration on our part, as far as the level of service we usually provide goes. I guess it was inevitable that something would fall through the cracks, I just wish it hadn't been quite such a big ball of fail.

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TL;DR: Over the course of five visits to our bike shop and I don't know how many phone calls, we manage to fail in at least four different ways while helping this guy with his bicycle.
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