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August 21st, 2012

Angry McDonald's Employee

Summary: Went to McDonald's, ordered 10 selects and a frozen strawberry lemonade, paid 11 something for them, *know* I ordered/paid for selects, got nuggets. Went back to the window (because there was no walk-in restaurant section, and the line-up was crazy long) and told them of the mistake. Except a simple, oops, here ya go, but was met with an angry employee who insisted I was trying to cheat the company out $2-4 (whatever the price difference is), and I needed to get back in line and pay them because HE KNEW I only paid for nuggets (despite him not taking my order, and not taking my money-- he was giving the food out). Yes, I made a mistake trying to walk back up to the window, I acknowledge that. His attitude was *not* needed though. He could've said "oops, Sorry about that. I can't help you here though, you'll have to line-up again and ask for a manager!" or something along those lines instead of insta-aggression.

letter to corporateCollapse )

Any advice on wording/editing the letter would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure I've made some mistakes as I'm trying to write calmly but still annoyed about the whole thing.

This is getting ridiculous

We didn't get mail delivered yesterday, my mother, siblings and I were home the entire day. You can see the curb from our living room windows, we never even saw the post office truck and just assumed there was no mail.

photo under cutCollapse )

Dental suck

I had all four of my wisdom teeth out a few weeks ago! Hooray~

Cut for dental TMI/general ickCollapse )

Aug. 21st, 2012

So this past weekend was the stag/bachelorette party for my oldest friend. We booked a cosy townhouse for the weekend up at a resort and had some general plans figured out. The place was fantastic so that wasn't the problem.

Let me tell you what the problem was.Collapse )


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