August 17th, 2012

Witch Woman

Just disgusting.

First time poster. I read the rules and didn't see anything about actually naming the business in question, but just to be safe I'll just say it's the incredibly popular fast food hamburger place that has sold something like 42 billion burgers.

It was after midnight and my friend and I were in the drive-thru. The service was slow and the take-out window person pretty much ignored us while speaking to another employee as she thrust our bag into the car window, but we didn't care about any of that. Business as usual.

We pull into a parking space behind the restaurant to eat our cheeseburgers, and we see what we assumed (by the slightly different uniform) was the manager standing by the dumpsters with a bunch of kids (he looked to be an older teenager, but his "friends" couldn't have been more than 14 years old. It's about 1:30 in the morning at this point) talking loudly, spitting, and smoking. Ok. No problem. Everyone is entitled to a break, and I suppose you can be as irritating as you want during said break.

Then it happens. He walks DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF OUR CAR, and proceeds to urinate on a shopping cart in the parking space adjacent to us. Yes, we had to see his penis. And we weren't happy. After urinating all over the grocery store's cart (this is why I always have hand sanitizer...), he walks over to his buddies, lights another smoke and slaps hands with another fellow. We then watch him walk back into the restaurant and resume his position behind the cash.
I suppose he could've covertly sanitized his hands without us noticing, but either way I think such an act deserves a trip to the bathroom for a proper soap-and-water hand washing before SERVING FOOD TO PEOPLE.

I'll never be able to eat there again.

EDIT: I've been prompted to name the place and I'm happy to do so.
It's the McDonald's in east Ottawa, Montreal Road location (the one near Vanier. We should've known better lol)
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3 Baby Bad Services

For Reference: Among every other medical issue, I have a severe problem with my right leg among other things and now use a wheelchair most of the time when I'm outside my own home.

Baby Bad Services of the Week:

1. Bus driver drives straight past me at bus stop without stopping. I'm waving frantically for the damn thing to stop. I have the bus's 5-digit number and my complaint letter was ... biting. This happens more often than it should.

2. Okay. I get that there are sales on, but my wheelchair is narrower than the dimensions given in the DDA if iirc. So I should be able to get between the clothes stands without demolishing them! but of course i can't, I get stuck and knock a stand over trying to get out and the girls on the shop floor were both bitchy and insulting.

3. When two people enter the shop and one is able-bodied and the other is in a wheelchair and a good deal of your saleable goods are out of reach, fawning over the able-bodied one and leaving the wheelchair bound customer to struggle is inconsiderate.

tl;dr - girl who uses wheelchair has had a lousy week and is ranting