August 15th, 2012

Kid Optimus

Bad Service waiting to happen

This is not a typical Bad_Service post.  If the Mods do not feel it is appropriate please just let me know and I'll boot it.

I have a friend who works for Cebu Pacific Airlines and recently this person copied the job listing on a social media site in the hopes of finding new people via connections there.

This is the job listing in it's entirety:


Male, 18-25 years old
height should be at least 5’7” barefoot
Weight should be proportion to height
Should have clear complexion, good eyesight and a catching smile
College level
Proficient in Filipino and English
Willing to be assigned outside of Metro Manila
Should hold Philippine passport

Schedule of Grand Cabin Crew Screening:
MANILA: August 31, 2012 / FRIDAY
Female Physical Screening is from 0900h to 1200h
Male CV submission is from 0900h to 1500h
Venue: [censored]



That's it? THAT is the list of qualifications to be a cabin crew member? THAT is the most important set of information that someone must fill in to work for the airline?

No wonder airline customer satisfaction has gone into the crapper over the years.

  • orthent

Well, somebody just talked herself out of a job

There is this cleaner who has been operating in my home town for decades. I manage some family property, including a downtown building with apartments upstairs, and I've engaged her to clean the hallway in this building, and sometimes to clean a unit before a new tenant moves in.

She has a good reputation, and lots of people--herself first and foremost--have assured me I'm extremely lucky to have her cleaning my family's building. So the tempting thought came to me: why not hire her to help me get my very messy house in order?

The last time I hired her to clean a rental, she herself persuaded me that it was a bad idea. It's not that she wasn't interested in the job: it's that the whole time she was cleaning, she talked nonstop about how gross and filthy and nasty her other clients' houses were, and how weird and disgusting and sick the clients themselves were.

She didn't name names, but she gave enough identifying details (retired professor from such-and-such department at the local college, lives in such-and-such a neighborhood, everyone calls him Bob) that anyone who cared to could figure out who she meant.

Now, maybe this isn't really bad service. Maybe it's a universal perquisite of cleaners to gossip about how gross and nasty their clients are. But in a small town where everyone knows everyone else...that's the kind of help I don't think I need.