August 13th, 2012


David's Bridal

My husband and I didn't have a lot of money to spend on a wedding dress so we went on a hunt for cheap off-the-rack dresses. After not having much luck at non-bridal stores we went to David's Bridal. This was a bad idea on our part for a number of reasons, the biggest being that we walked out of the store owing $1800 on a David's Bridal charge account. The women who assisted us told us that we had 6 months interest free on the card and specifically told us that there were no "hidden charges". Now, we should have read the small print, obviously.

Anyway, a couple of months later we ended up going to a credit union to refinance the dress loan and pay off the credit card before we started having to pay interest. We brought in our latest statement from David's Bridal and the loan officer sent a payment to them in that amount. We were surprised to see that the payment did not pay off the dress. David's Bridal may not charge interest for the first 6 months but they do have a "finance charge" that meant that even though we'd paid off the dress we still owed about $200 in finance charges. Since then we'd been making small payments on the $200 and as of last month we owed $56.31. We thought we were safe to pay only the minimum of $25 because we'd lost track of the months and this line of credit had been taken out in early December so our 6 months was already up and we ass-u-me'd that meant we were already being charged interest but only on the amount we still owed. We have not been receiving paper statements for a couple of months now so we didn't have that as reference.

Cue payment for this month when we went to pay off the balance of $31.31 only to find out that we now owe $240 because of the back interest and yet another finance charge. Again, I realize this is essentially our fault. My husband felt confident he had the payments taken care of and I didn't feel the need to babysit him on it and we were both wrong. :P However, the fact that David's Bridal even offers a service such as this line of credit that is built to be nearly impossible to get out from under is bad service in my book. I will not do business with them in any way ever again and I will warn others heavily against them.