August 2nd, 2012

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Backstory: I have Power of Attorney for my wife's brother, Sean, who is active-duty Army and currently deployed to Qatar.

Sean was cited for running a red light back in May; it was caught on a red-light camera, but because of some issue with red-light cameras in his home state, we didn't receive the ticket until today. I immediately called the phone number on the ticket to see if I could plead not guilty for him.

Apparently, there's a county and a town with the same name in his state, but the town is not in the county. So when I first called the county, I guess they misunderstood me and directed me to the town, who I called next. A woman answered, and the following ensued:

Woman: M--- Municipal Court House
Me: Hi, I have Power of Attorney for my bro-
Woman: is this a traffic court issue?
Me: Er, yes, he received a ticket from a red-light camera-
Woman: Not in THIS town, he didn't.
Me: Oh, okay, I thought-
Woman: Not in THIS town, he didn't.
Me: Ma'am, I heard you-
Me: Please stop cutting me off. I was trying to-
Me: (now loudly and ignoring her interruptions) First, I am still speaking, so allow me to finish before you begin. Second, there is a more polite way to explain that. And third, I was TRYING to apologize to you.
Woman: SIR, I'm TELLING you-
Me: *click*
Yea, I was rude and hung up when I realized I was getting nowhere with her, oh well. I then called the correct county back and after explaining the situation, the clerk offered to research the issue and call me back with an answer tomorrow. She was very sweet and polite the entire time, so at least that worked out.

But while I'm giving her my call-back number, my call waiting starts beeping. I check to see who it is, and it's a blocked number; I ignore it. Two more times, the blocked number calls me before finally leaving a voicemail. When I hang up with the clerk, this is what I had sitting in my voicemail box:

"JUST to let you know, SIR, the M--- Courthouse tracks ALL of our incoming phone calls, so we know EXACTLY who you are." *click*

Yup, the nasty clerk called me back -- presumably from her cell phone with the number blocked -- to ~threaten~ me.

I'd call to complain, but I have a feeling that trying to explain what happened will get me another defiant, "not in THIS town, it didn't."