July 29th, 2012

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Bad service from Joann's (but turned good later on)

I ordered some sewing supplies from Joann Fabrics. I'm new to sewing so I needed a bunch of supplies like fabric, pins, chalk, rotary cutter and mat, etc.

My order total came to $35 and change, and I chose express shipping. With all the special fees added and express plus shipping (which I didn't want), the order came to $92 and some change. When I looked at my bank statement, I saw that I had two charges. One for $92.71, and the other for $68.09, which is incorrect.

What happened was that the $92.71 order was broken up into two shipments. One shipment was $68.09, the other was $24.62. So not only was I charged an extra $68.09, but the shipping was wrong. I asked for express shipping, not express plus, which added another $40 or so onto my total.

I emailed the company and I hope it gets resolved. I'll call them if I have to.

I'm not sure if I'll order them again. It kinda sucks that not only do you have to pay regular shipping on an item, but also an extra shipping fee. For example, two yards of muslin costs $5.98 based on today's price. But once you add express shipping, the total for that comes to $59.43! It's $5.98+$13.45+$40.00 special handling. With express plus, it's $91.93. The only way to get around everything is to just select standard shipping, which was too slow for me.

I do acknowledge that it's my fault for not paying attention and seeing that most of my items had that special handling charge, but it's also Joann's fault for overcharging. Also, I noticed the prices for my items went up. I bought them Friday and all of a sudden, the ruler I picked out went from $4.99 to $9.99. I guess Joann's changes it's prices often.

If Joann's doesn't fix the mess they made, I can go to my bank and dispute it.

I was contacted and told that indeed, I was charged the wrong price for shipping, so I am getting $40 refunded to me, and the charges corrected.
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Domino's Suck

There is a Domino's right near my house that we order from, and normally we've had wonderful service with them, for example my primary room mate is allergic to garlic and they're always very careful about his order, with some of the workers knowing our apartment number and calling us about it as soon as they receive the order (it's a pretty specific thing, in a small town).

Anyway, I'm sick today and when my room mate got home from a ten hour shift, neither of us felt like cooking. Our other room mate suggested us getting Domino's, and we agreed. We ordered like we normally do, via the internet and calling them up after to make sure they knew about my room mate's allergy. That, and delivery, all went perfectly fine.

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We've already called corporate over this, and if they don't call us back tomorrow then we're going to see what we can do to escalate this. We shouldn't be treated this way.
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I love Panera for having a meat-free option on their menu that can easily be made dairy-free without losing half its ingredients (the Mediterranean Veggie sandwich). Except for when I ask for no cheese and they put cheese on it, because it's feta, so it was all absorbed into the tomato and stuck to the onion. To fully get the cheese off, I'd have been eating a sandwich with only lettuce. Ordinarily, I'd think "oh, someone didn't look closely enough at the order screen" and get on with my day, except that when my buzzer went off, the woman making sandwiches looked at me and said "it says you don't want chips or an apple or anything?" and I said "Oh, I want chips, I just wanted to make sure there was no cheese on the sandwich?" and she said "Ok, it's good then" and handed me the bag after putting chips in it. This was around 3pm, and she was the only one making sandwiches, so I know she made mine, and then lied about the cheese in it :(