July 22nd, 2012


So I placed an order from www.Knobs4Less.com since we are replacing all of our switchplates in the house. With shipping a total of $120.00. The switchplates came and they are very attractive except....the screws that come with the plates are so incredibly short that they don't screw into the wall !

I did an on line chat with customer service to inquire about the problem and was told that they get them from the manufacturer like that and there is nothing they can do. Okay, well I say that I want to return everything since they are not usable. The customer service agent then advises me that I cannot return an item if the package has been opened.

Well, how can I figure out that the screws will be too short without opening the package and trying to screw them in ?? I told her I'm not doing a return, this should be considered defective since they are not usable. But no, evidently this doesn't make then unusable and I'm told that I am out of luck. Disappointing with the lack of customer service.

Oporto minor bad service

Oporto is a chicken-based fast food outlet in Australia. I love one of their menu items, a potato mash and gravy.

As a vegetarian, there are not a whole lot of options for me, but I cannot resist the mash. My local store, in Newtown, carries the mash and gravy perhaps 10% of the time I go there. Weekends, weekdays, late night, it doesn't matter. It's like potato pot luck. 

Today I had a supreme craving and trotted to the store, only to find out - no mash and gravy. Curses. I asked the duty manager why is it that they hardly ever have this displayed menu item in stock (its also part of some family meal deals).

Her answer, smile, shrug, "I don't know". That was it. Do fast food store shift/duty managers know anything about stock, i.e. am i being unreasonable?

Now I know its not her fault, and mash and gravy is pretty small fry in the scheme of things, but I feel so rageful right now! I got some chips, blerg, instead. On the receipt is the 1800 number for their customer care line. I call it, and the number no longer exists.

Perhaps the number only exists 10% of the time, much like my fateful mash.

I sent them an email. I think I sound a little ... dependant on the mash. I hope they can send me some to my home.

EDIT: this is the mash in question.