July 21st, 2012

Woke up by a phonecall

I was just awoken by a phonecall. I answered it and it was a professional sounding woman asking to speak to my mum. I told her that she was unavailable, and she asked when she was available. I said maybe in an hour. I then asked who was calling and the caller promptly hung up. I don't know, if someone asks you a question, I think you should answer it. And now I'm awake when I wanted to sleep some more :/

Witnessed bad_service at Kroger

Last week my boyfriend and I stopped at a Kroger store near our house to pick up a few things. I went through self checkout and he went through the express lane because he wanted cigarettes.

As he finished being rung up by the cashier, I noticed a woman yelling frantically at the lane next to him because the bagger had just misplaced her purse by wheeling the cart from the previous customer before her back into the lobby with the other carts with her purse in it! She starts to scream at the bagger and went out to the lobby quickly to retrieve her purse since she was lucky no one else had taken it. As a previous Kroger cashier myself, I couldn't believe the bagger didn't notice that!

Anyone have any stories of misplaced items at a store like purses and money?