July 18th, 2012


Post made to Sandwich Guy's FB page

Why the FB page? because last time I had a problem I emailed them and got NO RESPONSE

Here's my post:

Wow.  You know, I really like going to Sandwich Guy in Times Square at Pacific star because your staff are always nice, they are patient while I figure out what I want and they build the sandwiches nicely.  That being said I was really disappointed today when I ordered the Grilled Chicken Tender.  The photo showed these nice white meat chicken filet pieces and what I got on my sandwich was dark bits of cat food material.  I said to the lady making my sandwich "Excuse me, I have a question..." and she knew EXACTLY what I was going to say as she finished "you want to know why is it the picture has filet?" I replied "Yes! Exactly! The photo shows white meat tenders and what I'm getting is dark little cat food pieces." Her response? "I'm sorry sir, I don't know with that, this is just what the commissary brings for the sandwich."

So I realized that his problem went all the way back to the corporate office.  I brought it back to my office and ate it.  It's just OK, not bad but I was expecting to taste chicken and all I taste is the powerful herbs which tells me that the herbs are so powerful to mask the flavor of poor quality meat; it's a well known restaurant trick and one I hoped not to encounter again.

This is actually the third time I've been disappointed by the food quality at Sandwich guy. The first time was getting grilled cheese that never got grilled enough to melt the cheese (which is the whole point of a grilled cheese sandwich) and the other time was being told that a certain dressing I wanted was "not allowed" on the sandwich I'd ordered in spite of it being listed as one that could be chosen from.

The crabstick mango sandwich is really nice... so I guess I'll just go to Sandwich Guy when I'm in the mood for crabstick and mango... I'm tired of being disappointed with my lunches.

EDIT: A response!
"Good afternoon, your feedback is greatly appreciated. Regarding the chicken, the color is darker than the usual because of the herbs but we'll make sure to check on this."