July 12th, 2012

Bad Ass Bitch

Er Bad Service ... More of a WTF?

On Friday Morning, I went to the local ER with what I suspected was a Kidney Infection. I didn't have the burning or the really frequent urination of a bladder infection, but the back pain and a heavy bladder that I've come to associate with a kidney one.

The intake and processing went well, I gave my symptoms and all that, and was taken back to a back room with the nurse, where I gave her a list of my medications, including Tizanidane, Meloxicam and my one allergy to Avalox. This is all noted, and my pain level of an 8.

The doctor comes in, and while pleasant enough, seems as though he'd rather be doing something else. There's nothing going on in the ER. I'm the only patient at 6am on Friday, and I had a less than 10 minute wait before I got to see him. He goes over my paper work, the urinealysis and concludes I have a bladder infection. He tells me that I will be put on Cipro and another drug that will turn my pee bright pumpkin (OH JOY!) I've taken Cipro in the past and think nothing of it and I'm discharged after taking 2 pills for pain, because LAWDY does it hurt.

As my husband drives me to the pharmacy, I read the paperwork that I've been given and I see some problems: Main Symptom Listed? Painful Burning Urination - I never said I had ANY burning in my urination. In fact I stated that I hadn't had that issue. Only the pain in my back and a heavy feeling in my bladder. I'm reading over the medication listing, and I read that if you are taking Tizanidine OR Meloxicam (Let alone both) You should not take Cipro. Also if you're allergic to Avalox you should not take this medication.

At the pharmacy, I point this out to the pharmacist. She seems less than enthused that she'll have to call the ER and ask about it. "Did you just leave? Sometimes they're very busy." I explained to her that I had, indeed, just left and that I had given them a list of my medication. That this information should have been available to the doctor. She called them, they told her to put me on a Sulfa based medication and that's what she did.

Apparently, the doctor didn't take time to listen to my symptoms, or actually you know, Pay attention to my current medication listing so that I might not be prescribed the wrong medication that could cause a potentially deadly interaction with my current prescriptions. Just WTF?
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