June 22nd, 2012

Finally, a conclusion.

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And now the conclusion.

The dean had previously emailed the professor, insisting that we receive an answer that day. Needless to say after all of this nonsense, there was no response. So, the dean emailed her again and offered to handle the paperwork herself, re-sent my assignment attachment.

Fast forward a few days. I finally have an email from the professor in my inbox, copied to the dean:

Hello ~~~,
Thank you for the resubmitting the power point. After reviewing it I'm grading it as a 88%. There needed to be more visuals attached to the slides, as well as a video to support your research. Please be aware of grammar. Expand a bit more on the contrast/comparision of the past and the present of the Egyptian culture.
Thank you,

That is unedited save the names. While I am disappointed that she regraded my assignment rather than giving me my original grade - and I do believe this new grade is lower, from my memory - it DOES bring my final C back up to an A. I am a little irritated that she added a few more issues with it, too, but if it makes her feel better about all of the mess she's dragged me through then perhaps I should be feeling pity rather than being annoyed.

I confirmed this with a professor (and got a one-line response from her, heh.) I also confirmed it with the dean. She emailed me recently,

Professor ~~~ came to the office today to submit a grade change form based on receiving your work. The final grade in the course as submitted today is an “A.” It will take a few days for the Records Office to process the form.

Dean ~~~."

And, just as promised, as of today my grade is now an A rather than a C. I thanked them both for their assistance and cooperation and expect that this should be the end of it.

I also went back and left warnings on the professors rating pages. She has two RMP pages, and one of them is a few pages of terrible reviews. Apparently, those who had the pleasure of being her student in person had to deal with unexpected assignments and a snooty attitude. Now there is a review on both pages warning students about grade changes. Here's hoping I can save someone the headache in the future.

That being said, I have no issues sharing the school and professor if there is anybody out there in the central Florida area going to school that would like a warning.

Thank you everyone for your help and advice!