June 19th, 2012

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Laptop Repair Woes

I can not really tell if my laptop is just very lucky, or if there is something that is happening where my laptop is being repaired. This will be the fourth time I will be sending my laptop back to be repaired for an issue that relates to the hinges. For reference, I have a Lenovo and apparently the hinges breaking is a common problem for that brand.
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I don't want to scream "BAD SERVICE' but this is the fourth time I will be sending my laptop  back for repairs and the issues are always related to the hinge. I can't tell if this is just bad luck, if my laptop is an extreme example of Lenovo's hinge problems, or if the repairs just suck.

Advice on this issue and whether or not it is bad service would be nice. 
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02 - No Service at All!

I need to get a smartphone so that while I am laid up at home after surgery I can still track urgent phone calls and email from work (and everyone else).

I've done my homework - I know what network covers my home, which phone I want and which tariff best suits my needs. My employer is covering the contract, so all need is to sign.

I've been trying to do this for TEN DAYS.

The 02 online shop keeps crashing every time I try to check out. So nothing for it but to hobble (on the painful ankle which is the subject of the afore-mentioned surgery) into the 02 shop nearest my office, and sign up there.

Except - I've been there three times today, and each time find the shop full of hopeful customers and only two clerks who are always deep into conversation with other clients/potential clients (which is understandable) and who studiously avoid all eye contact with the 10 people waiting. And waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

No greeting, no queue system, no way to make an appointment to return later.

I waited through my entire lunch and coffee break, without acknowledgement, without seeing any customers other than the two already at the counter being served, without a seat and without getting a phone.

And after 10 days of this - I'm running out of time to sort my phone out!

EDIT: As suggested I tried calling the shop to make an appointment. Twice. The phone just rings out after 5 minutes unanswered.

EDIT Part Deux: I just called the sales support line listed on the 02 website. They can't make an appointment or contact the shop on my behalf.

02 - don't you want my money?

EDIT 3: Had to skip the proposed o2 sit in yesterday as I had physio in the morning, but today I hopped in at 10.15 and got served within minutes. Lovely sales associate agreed that the shop can't cope with busier days, and that the "concierge" system of greeting and filtering customers breaks down fairly frequently.
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Australia Posts - thats all.

Today I discovered that a registered post parcel doesn't get scanned until it reaches the delivery centre at the DESTINATION END of its transit. Unless you specify at the post office for them to scan it at drop off end, there is no record of the registered package until it is about to be delivered. What is the point of registering a parcel if you have to tell the staff at the Post office to scan it?

On Saturday I posted a package from Success LPO and organised for it to go registered post. Today I was surprised when I searched on the aust post website to find no record of the package.

I called Australia Post to find out where my package is and even if it has left the post office. It was then I was first told told that I have to specify with the post office for them to scan it at the post office before it leaves.

One would assume that if this was not a standard occurrence that one would be told about it at the post office and asked if they wanted it scanned, not be left with the assumption that the customer didn't want it scanned

On the phone today, Jess at Australia Post guaranteed me that it was sent... how? Can you psychically see all the packages that are currently travelling around the country?

I do not think it is good enough that the package it not scanned until it reaches the delivery centre at the other end of its transit. What is the use of paying for registered post if no one knows where the package is for 2 weeks after I drop it off at Success?

Yes a package across Australia takes 8-14 days to reach its destination. Australia Post is generally that good...

I have couriered items from overseas and have been able to locate them within 6 hours of it being sent. Yes couriering is different from registered post because with registered post the delivery is not being expedited in any way. Registered post is a standard speed delivery with the ‘comfort’ of being able to track and trace your item.


Not good enough.
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Weight, what?

I recently decided to go on birth control for the first time, so I made an appointment with a gynecologist.  After making the appointment, my sister told me that her friend had been to this doctor recently, and the woman had really upset my sister’s friend by insisting that the girl had anorexia to the point that it was all she would discuss during the appointment. I was put off by this fact, but it’s extremely difficult to make appointments around my work schedule so I decided to stay with this doctor.

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TL;DR: Gynecologist accuses my sister’s friend of eating disorder and then suggests I work out four times a week and go on Weight Watchers because I’m 10 pounds overweight.