June 17th, 2012

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Around Christmas, I decided to give this thing called CrossFit a try. My ex, who I was still friends with, absolutely raved about it, it had become his second home, transformed his life, blah blah blah. It seemed okay. I mean, I was in intense pain all the time and almost puked/passed out during some of the work outs, but that only seemed to be encouraged by the "coaches," who are were all like "no pain, no gain" type of people.

I was super uncomfortable lifting weights, as I have had problems with separated shoulders, which makes for some very, very weak arms! I was kind of pushed into bench-pressing 25 lb dumbbells by the head coach (henceforth referred to as "B") of the establishment, who was spotting me pretty heavily, and when I went to drop the weight, I think it bounced or something and landed on the middle finger of my right (DOMINANT!) hand. Holy shit, the pain. I thought I was going to faint or vomit at any second. I couldn't control the tears from streaming down my face. B insisted it was okay, not broken, I shouldn't worry, there's nothing I can do about it. I don't know why I listened to him, because I have experienced two other fractures in my life and it's a very specific type of pain, and I was feeling it. So I waited a couple days and finally went to urgent care, where they did an x-ray and, surprise, it's fractured in TWO PLACES. My finger was gigantic. I couldn't type normally or hold a pen. It still hasn't returned to normal size months later, and I have some nerve damage in the tip.

So basically, I'm pressured by lifting a weight I don't feel comfortable, drop weight, told I'm fine, and lo and behold, multiple fractures!

But that's just a minor complaint next to what this supreme asshole, head coach B, did to me.

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Edited to add: I told my mom pretty soon after I told my boyfriend and she insisted she was going to contact the guy, then I decided that I should speak to an attorney. Except she never really brought it up again, I did a few times, and now I just feel awkward about saying anything. What could I possibly do about something that happened months ago, with no proof? And I get the feeling that a lot of people would tell me that nothing really bad happened, and I often feel like an idiot for being so upset over it anyway. I don't know what to do.