June 16th, 2012


Radio Shack

So today I went to Radio Shack to get a new iPhone case since mine broke.  I went in and there's one guy behind the counter who greets me and asks if I need any help, standard welcome speech, nothing amiss.  I head over to the iPhone cases and start looking through for one that meets my needs when another guy comes out from the back and starts talking to the guy behind the counter.  Both of them immediately start cursing and complaining about their schedules, something that while I find unprofessional I can ignore.  From their conversation I figure out that the guy who came out of the back is actually the manager.  I find a case I want and head over to the counter where they are still talking and after a moment they notice me and break apart.  While up until then I would consider their conduct unprofessional, I certainly wouldn't classify it as bad service, that started as soon as I started to check out.  Now, please take into account that I am a 5'5" girl, these two men were at least 6' and looked like they could squash me with their thumbs.  I am tiny in comparison.  They were also almost yelling the entire time.

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