June 13th, 2012

Updates upon updates.

I don't know if many will remember, but I was previously sharing my grade change tirade here.

The first post: http://bad-service.livejournal.com/3023436.html
The second post: http://bad-service.livejournal.com/3023684.html

I emailed the HUM dean once again this morning, as it has now been over three weeks since I last heard anything. My grade has still not been corrected. She responded to me within a few hours saying this:

I sent another email to the professor last week on May 31, 2012 to follow up from my email of May 22, 2012, but have not heard back. I have copied Professor ~~~ on this email as well.
Dean ~~~

Professor ~~~,
Attached is our email communication and my request for follow up. Can you please give me some insight on this today?(emphasis hers)

So there you have it. The silence has been on the professor's part. Thankfully it seems as though the Dean has been staying on top of her and is now putting her foot down.

Here's hoping this finally gets resolved TODAY. I will be sure to provide what is hopefully one last update...!


The dean emailed me today saying that she spoke with the professor and that the professor would be more than happy to recalculate my grade. She also asked me to attach the Power Point in question and copy her on the email. The dean has copied me on all of her communications with the professor and none of them ever indicated that the professor responded, so I'm assuming when she says she spoke with the professor, she means, she literally spoke with the professor.

Here's hoping. Still no grade change.