June 6th, 2012

Max 1-year

Days Inn follow-up!

I decided to make a separate post with the follow-up because so many people replied to the original post yesterday that I wanted to make sure everyone saw how it turned out!
Thank you so much to libwitch who suggested the email complaint carpet bomb!  I sent an email to every one of the corporate bigwigs at Wyndham letting them know what happened and how dissatisfied I was.  I'm pretty sure this is why I received a call from the Wyndham corporate office this morning!!  The woman I spoke to said she was the VP of something or other and wanted to personally apologize for everything my mother and I went through and she wanted me to know that my mom would be getting a refund ASAP.  I am more than pleased with this outcome.  That's all we wanted in the first place!  I wasn't looking to get any freebies or extras - just an apology and my money back.  I don't think I'll ever stay at another Days Inn because I've run into a lot of unpleasant stories about them in the last few days but I will definitely give other Wyndham properties a second chance.
Thanks to everyone for all of the ideas and suggestions!  I never would have known how to find half of the resources that you all provided me with!  I'll also be much better prepared when selecting a hotel in the future :D

THANK YOU bad_service!!!!!!