May 23rd, 2012


Mildly annoying but all too common

It being the 21st century and all (and I being lucky enough to have Internet access now), we do a lot of business online. With the fill-out-the-blanks forms.

Something that's really starting to annoy me is webpages that won't allow me to put my name in correctly. Why the hell do people program the form not to accept "non-alphanumeric" characters? Some people HAVE those in their names!

Do you suppose Yves St. Laurent has that problem? (My last name has both a period and a space in it, correctly spelled, so we have that in common.) Today, registering for an online billpay, the form would not let me put either the period or the space in.

I realize I have to spell it every single time I tell an employee, but they could at least allow me to tell the computer an accurate spelling instead of making me distort it for a webpage form.
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