May 20th, 2012

I hate lies the most.

I placed an order at 7:27 for mostly delicious pizza.

They called at 7:54, 3 minutes before it was estimated to be delivered. I miss the call, but we call back immediately.

They tell my husband that they called right after I placed the order, and have cancelled the order because no one answered.

Don't lie. We have a cellphone. A cellphone that tells us what time you called at. You did not call us until it was almost delivery time.

If you're busy, that's fine. But don't lie.

Edit: When my husband called, he asked if the order could be put through again. The person on the phone said, "Yes." My husband said, "Okay." The guy said he'd put it through and my husband thought that was all that was needed (he had already confirmed our address and phone number).

I called back an hour later, only to be told that my husband HUNG UP ON HIM (NO HE DIDN'T, I was standing RIGHT THERE) and that they needed my card info. and everything.

I said, "You ended the call with him."

"Uhm, no, he hung up on me."

I sent a report to Pizza Hut through their website. :C What the fuck. All I wanted was my pizza.