May 14th, 2012

seven hells
  • adhara

Bad service turned good service, then turned bad service by someone else

A couple of weeks ago I ordered some yarn from GarnWelt, because they had the yarn I wanted in stock and shipping costs were free. I ordered it on Friday afternoon, then on Monday morning I decided to also order a crochet hook. When I got home from work the yarn parcel was already there! Yay!

Or... not. Because I had ordered 6 skeins in total, and the parcel contained 4, and a bill saying it contained 6. I sent them an email right away, and on Monday night they replied apologizing and saying they'd ship the other two skeins right away. I didn't remember to tell them I had another order standing with them and could combine shipping, but I guess they did anyway. On Tuesday morning the hook order changed to "Completed". Bad service turned good service, I was happy I was getting my stuff after all.

Fast forward to that Wednesday Collapse )
Sheryl Nome

Dear queue management person

If I say I'm fine in the longer queue and don't want to move to the shorter one because the cashier on that till is someone that I really, really don't like and feel really uncomfortable around, then guess what... I'm fine in the longer queue. And no, I don't have to explain why I am uncomfortable around that cashier, and no it isn't because of the colour of his skin (and I have no idea where you got that one from, considering we're both the same skin colour).

Why can't you just accept that I'm fine in this long queue, which is behind him, where he can't see me at all, which is why I joined this one in the first place? Here, let the person in front of me hop to that queue instead. Go away, please.

Is the cashier on this till due for a break? No? Then why the insistence that I should go to another till? The other cashier is a Nice Guy? That is your experience with him, not mine.

tl;dr, the person pointing people to tills with shorter queues wouldn't take "I'm fine with waiting a little longer, the cashier on that other till is someone I feel uncomfortable around", tries to get me to join his queue anyway.